Experts Dedicated to Their Industry


Sean McNanie leads the Team at JBS as it’s Chief Executive Officer. His leadership skills have been developed through many years in sports, as both a collegiate and professional football player in the National Football League. He has proven he can set extremely high goals and attain them. Always demanding a Team effort, and never allowing and “I” or “me” type of philosophy to find its way into the equation.  

McNanie also brings over 20 years in heavy construction, as Co-Founder and Chairman of a successful general engineering contracting company that designed and/or built hundreds of millions of dollars worth of heavy highways for clients such as Caltrans, and the design and building of airport taxiways, aprons, or runways for the Department of Defense and the FAA. While he was focused on the overall operations of the company, McNanie was also involved with all decisions within day-to-day operations, and is very experienced in every aspect of the administrative requirements, from banking to bonding to insurance to proper and professional protocol. Through dealing with entry level employees to seasoned upper management, McNanie’s management skills will get the very best out of every Team member, while monitoring and motivating them to achieve the highest level of performance. 

Over the years, McNanie has guided his Teams through some of the most either technically or logistically demanding projects to yield safe and award winning project for the clients. He has and will take this lifelong effort of Team leadership and business success and bring JBS and its clients along to achieve the highest result of success possible. Anything less is simply not acceptable at JBS.


Jeremy Ingram brings his own highly technical skill set to the team at JBS. Between his knowledge and past performance in both the actual building of wind turbine foundations, to Ingram’s contribution to the development of state of the art designs of P&H foundations, he is surpassed by no one within the wind energy industry, bar none. His excellence provides Team JBS the ability to provide leading, cutting edge design and build at the very highest level that our JBS mission statement demands for our end users, our clients. Ingram has successfully built thousands of P&H turbine foundations along with about every other conceivable design over the last 20 years worldwide. Jeremy is very versed in every aspect of wind farms, from design, project management, collection systems, to sub-stations.  In short, if there is a P&H foundation to be built or to be repaired or upgraded, it goes through Ingram and JBS.

Throughout Ingram’s career, he has and always will be focused on the improvements in design and build techniques and never satisfied with “status quo”. With this, Ingram provides the JBS Team with the ability to offer its clients proprietary designs and mechanical products. One such item will be a “Smart Collar” that will give the client the ability to remotely monitor the movement and tension of the wind turbine foundations and bolts. This will save the client both time and money on future maintenance requirements and eliminating turbine downtime. With Jeremys experience and relationships within the wind energy industry, he can confidently help our clients identify the most cost effective and efficient foundation type and design. These are just a couple of examples of Ingram’s and JBS’s ability to be a leader the renewable industry.