When founding JBS Energy Solutions, LLC, Sean McNanie and Jeremy Ingram made not only a dedicated business statement, but a life statement. We at JBS have identified the renewable energy industry as our direction and have identified our main goal to specialize in: the design and build of new, and to upgrade existing, state of the art P&H wind turbine foundations.  Within the wind renewable energy industry, it has been clearly decided by most leading companies, there is an international problem with the current design of thousands of existing wind turbine foundations. It can be said, this problem of foundation failure can be anywhere from beginning surface cracking, to complete catastrophic foundation failure. There are many existing foundations that have reached the “critical” category and are in need of immediate upgrades.

Providing a much needed alternate source of clean energy, wind equipment is here to stay. As time moves forward, repairs and new installations will be necessary to keep the industry moving forward. JBS chose to specialize in building P&H wind turbine foundations because they are proving to be the most cost efficient and most technically sound foundation ever designed. Proving over and over to provide the owner with a foundation that can be dependable for the design life it was intended to fulfill. P&H wind turbine foundations have consistently proven themselves to provide their owners to be dependable throughout their design lifespan.

JBS is continuously investigating new technologies and product advancements, and finding ways to apply those innovations to the renewable energy field. JBS currently is in the development stages with a newly patented monitoring system—a unique “Smart Collar,” which can monitor bolt tension and measure movement in the tower foundation. This new device could provide a most important advanced warning of any foundation movement, and it could subsequently reduce the client’s unnecessary maintenance costs (such as those that come with re-tensioning bolts on a costly, routine scheduled basis). We strongly feel this new product will be a game changer, saving the owners thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance programs. 

It is JBS’s mission to offer our expertise to the renewable energy industry, including membership support of the American Wind Energy Association. JBS offers a site specific design, a successful and safe build, and further maintenance (if required or warranted) for both new and upgrading existing wind turbine foundations. The Managing Partners decided to create JBS Energy Solutions, LLC based on industry need. We decided the only way we will do this, is if it can be accomplished with the highest level of safety, professionalism, ethics and integrity; these words are now and will always be, the cornerstone of every Project that JBS is involved with. We feel we can not only offer our service, expertise and years of experience to our clients but will demand it out of each Managing Partner, employee, subcontractor, or affiliate. This pledge of Teamwork, held to the highest standards, will not waver. This is JBS.