Upgrade P&H Foundations


Many wind turbine spread foundations built between 2005 and 2010 have been deemed insufficient in design and are failing, many catastrophically.  JBS Energy Solutions is becoming the industry leader in the critical effort to upgrade these failing existing foundations, utilizing a P&H retrofit design. This patented design is a fast and economically efficient way to upgrade the existing foundation for many years of future service without removing the wind turbine tower and with minimal service interruption, saving the client millions of dollars in lost revenues. In many cases, the upgraded foundation will last not only for the life of the existing wind turbine, but will last much longer, eliminating the need to build a new foundation for the next generation wind turbine, again, saving the end user millions of dollars.


New P&H Foundations

JBS has developed an industry leading team to lead the renewable energy industry with the design and build of new P&H wind turbine foundations. With the creation of JBS comes a new and fresh look at designing and building foundations that last, what the client expects, and the way a properly designed and built foundation should perform. The P&H foundation design provides the most effective way to anchor and support a wind turbine tower.  The design combines overall strength and small footprint to give the best and sometimes only solution for wind turbine foundations. Older technology requires a very large footprint and would not work for most challenging and mountainous locations. An important and hidden value is our low impact to the environment , providing a sustainable design that compliments and completes the circle for the overall reason behind wind energy.

Engineering and Design

JBS Energy Solutions has the ability to offer customized, site specific engineering designs for your project. These designs will be developed around the proprietary designs we can offer based on our exclusive relationships. Each project will require its own site investigation and site specific design based on the geological findings and concerns and restrictions. JBS can offer this type of engineering for a vast array of situations: new foundations, upgraded foundations, problematic foundations or site development of foundations. We have the ability to offer P&H pier, rock-anchor or soil-anchor foundations. The bottom line here is, if there is a need for any type of engineering services, JBS can offer the very best, cutting edge foundation design for most any application. There is no other firm that can make this offer within the renewable energy industry today when it comes to P&H foundations.


JBS Energy Solutions is going to be teaming up with some of the most recognized wind turbine providers in the world. This gives JBS the ability to offer the actual wind turbine procurement element of each project to our clients. Again, adding additional overall saving for the client in overall development of an entire wind energy farm. Over the past 20 years, the managing partners at JBS has developed relationships with specialty suppliers covering the full scope of wind energy projects. With these relationships, comes preferential pricing, all of which we pass onto our clients. Bringing JBS on board for procurement needs gives the client the ability to get the best possible pricing on each and every product, every time. This is another hidden value JBS offers that other simply cannot match.


JBS is further committed to making sure that what we design and build will last for the duration of the design life it was intended too. Meaning, after the initial build of the P&H foundation by JBS, we will also offer our contractual services for maintaining the P&H foundations. Without proper maintenance, any foundation can start to develop problems that could grow into a very expensive repair often causing the unnecessary shut down of wind turbines. JBS offers many ways to make sure your investment in renewable energy stays performing as it was intended. 

We can do this by offering our clients maintenance packages. These packages can be merely offering consulting programs for your own maintenance crews to perform. Then have JBS do an annual follow up site visit to certify the program is being performed the way it has been designed. We can also offer our services in any increment of inspections. Everything, from overall surrounding grade, to soil integrity, to bolt tensioning; whether performed by the owner's forces, or by JBS, having a proper maintenance program is a must. This is an often overlooked element of the installation and overall long term success of wind powered technology.  

JBS Energy Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you protect your investment.